Restriction Exemption Program – Lifted Feb. 9, 2022

Restriction Exemption Program removed as of Feb. 9, 2022

Latest Communication – October 25, 2021

Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc. is participating in the Restriction Exemption Program. All students MUST provide one of the following to attend classes at our facility:
• proof of two doses of COVID-19 vaccination, with the second dose received at least 14 days prior to a student’s training date,
• proof of a privately-paid negative rapid (antigen or PCR) test result taken within 72 hours of the training date. Antigen tests are $40 and can be booked at most Shoppers Drug Mart’s, visit: Shoppers Drug Mart – Covid Rapid Screening 
• or documentation of a medical exemption
Any student who is unable to provide one of these will be denied access to WCFF facilities and in-person classes. Our regular cancellation and no-show policies still apply.

As of November 15, Albertans must use the provincial vaccination record with QR code as proof of vaccinationNo other record will be accepted as suitable proof. Students from outside of Alberta must provide viewable proof of double vaccination from their home province with the second vaccine dose taken at least 14 days prior to the date of training.

WCFF’s current COVID policies included:

  • Mask Requirements– Masks must continue to be worn by staff and students while they remain inside the building. 
  • Cleaning Requirements – We will continue to clean our common touch surface areas every morning and afternoon. Classrooms and computer labs are disinfected after each class. 
  • Hand Sanitizer – is encouraged and wall stations will remain in place around the facilities.
  • Indoor Gatherings – Class sizes have been adjusted, with physical distancing in place.
  • First Aid Practicals – Masks and face shields will be worn while completing the practical skills.
  • Coffee Station– will remain unavailable to students.
  • Hazard Assessments – while our COVID policies remain in place, we will continue to follow our hazard assessments for operating during a pandemic.

For students who arrive without a mask, we can provide masks for a fee. For those not comfortable wearing a mask, we have other training options available. Students can book into our online/ blended training courses or reschedule for a future date free of charge once policies have changed. All students are still required to wear a mask while in our facilities.  

We will continue to re-evaluate our policies as our environment and information changes.