Notifications & Alerts

Visitors to our facility – Wearing a mask is recommended but NOT required. Wearing a masking is now optional.

 If you are in close contact with someone who has been asked to self-isolate, we would ask you to call and reschedule your appointment. If you are presenting with any symptoms of any type of illness at our facilities, we will ask you to go home and manage your symptoms.  If you are not feeling well, please use the self-assessment tool from Alberta Health Services: COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool.

WCFF’s current COVID policies include:

  • Cleaning Requirements – We will continue to clean our common touch surface areas every morning and afternoon. Classrooms and computer labs are disinfected after each class. 
  • Hand Sanitizer – is encouraged and wall stations will remain in place around the facilities.
  • Hazard Assessments – We will continue to follow our hazard assessments for operating during a pandemic.

We will continue to re-evaluate our policies as our environment and information changes. 

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