Mobile Elevating Work Platforms New Operator

Program Intent

To provide the new Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) operator with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to operate the machine and its attachment in a safe manner. This program provides the minimum requirements for the training of operators for MEWP and is intended to supplement a company’s larger Health & Safety Management System.

The new operator will learn legislation relevant to the operation of their equipment, how the machines capacity and stability is affected while the machine is in use, as well as understanding the MEWP by reviewing the contents of the machine’s operator manual. The operator will learn how to perform a pre-operational vehicle inspection, the features and controls of their equipment, and the contents of the machines operator manual. The new operator will be issued their own MEWP, and under the direct supervision of an instructor, learn how to operate the machine performing the basic duties for what it was intended to perform.

The new operator will need to demonstrate their ability to operate the MEWP in a safe and efficient manner through a series of driving and operating exercises. Upon successful completion of the program, operators receive a certificate valid for 3 years.

Job and/or familiarization training of operators for particular MEWP requiring special needs or specialized equipment and/or used in specific workplace environments are in addition to the basic training requirements of this program. Additional training may be required.


Students must have current Fall Protection certification. Don’t have your Fall Protection certification? Consider taking the ONLINE course: Fall Protection for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – Alberta. This course provides the minimum requirements for fall protection training of MEWP operators and passengers.

Who Should Attend?

new operator is one who does not have over 100 hours of recent experience operating a MEWP. This course is intended for those needing the training required to meet the basic and knowledge to operate a MEWP safely.

If you are a skilled operator with 100 hours of experience, we recommend the Skilled Operator Certification course.

Course Content

The course includes both a theory and practical section. The theory portion includes the following topics:

  • Workplace requirements
  • Safe operation of the machine
  • Contents of the machines operators manual
  • Written test

The practical portion includes demonstrating the ability to safely manoeuvre BOTH the Scissor Lift (Group A MEWP) AND the Boom Lift (Group B MEWP) through a series of obstacles.

Course Duration: Theory portion is approximately 2-3 hours in length. Additional practical time is provided for “NEW” operators. Students should plan for a full day.

Note: Smaller class sizes may result in the student taking the theory in our computer lab with the instructor present to monitor and assist the student. Practical components will be taught in-person with the guidance and supervision of the instructor.

Note: This course has been approved for 0.4 CEUs from the Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Provincial Programs Branch.

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