Industrial Fall Protection

The Industrial Fall Protection course offered at Western Canada Fire & First Aid is an 8-hour course that has been designed to address the fall safety needs for industrial and commercial workers in the province of Alberta and was developed in accordance with the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) requirements. This course is not OSSA certified, please refer to our OSSA Fall Protection page if you are looking for OSSA certified fall protection training.

Who Should Attend Industrial Fall Protection?

All persons who are required to use fall protection devices where there is or may be a danger to workers falling. The purpose of this fall protection program is to ensure that participants understand fall protection safety principles and how they apply to real work environments. At the end of the course students will understand how to use the equipment correctly and to use fall protection at all times.

Industrial Fall Protection Course Content:

  • Fall Protection Basics: Fall accident statistics, Dynamics of falling, Governing bodies and regulations
  • Fall Protection Systems: Guardrails, Travel restraint system, Personal fall arrest system, Safety nets, Control zones, Procedure based fall protection systems, System selection, Fall protection plan
  • Travel Restraint and Fall Arrest: System components & Terminology
  • Anchor Points: Strength requirements, Permanent anchor points, Temporary anchor points, Anchorage connectors
  • Connectors Part I: Snap hooks and carabiners, Lanyards, Energy absorbers, Self-retracting lanyards (SRLs)
  • Connectors Part II: Vertical lifelines (VLLs) and fall arresters, Free fall distance, Clearance requirements, Calculating FFD TFD CR, Horizontal lifelines (HLLs)
  • Body Holding Devices: Safety belts vs. full body harnesses, Harness types, Harness fitting / Partner check
  • Specialty Solutions/Situations: Work positioning, Descent control devices, Aerial lifts, Ladders, Scaffolds
  • Equipment Care: Inspection, Maintenance, Storage
  • Rescue: Rescue concepts, principles and planning, Suspension trauma, Working alone
  • Fall Arrest System Workshop: Harness donning and partner check, Harness suspension, Fall arrest system selection & set-up / video analysis
  • Question & answer period, Theory test, Wrap-up

Course Start Time: 8:30 AM
Course Duration: Approximately 8 hours

Course availability limited. Call for next available course.

If you plan to work at an oil sands site then you will require the OSSA course.