Fire Safety & Fire Extinguisher

NOTE: The instructor led course is offered every other Friday morning.  If the date we offer does not work for you, consider the online course:
Fire Safety (ONLINE)

Program Intent

The Fire Extinguisher course is a 4-hour course and is intended to provide people with information on fire prevention, evacuation and suppression. Students will learn about fire sciences,  what can be done to put the fire out, different extinguisher characteristics and the type and amount of fire a particular extinguisher is designed to put out. Finally we tie all the theory into a practice by allowing the student to extinguish a controlled (live) fire with an extinguisher.

Who Should Attend?

All persons who may have a fire extinguisher in their environment.

Course Content

This course incorporates a classroom theory session followed by a practical exercise. A course outline is as follows:

  • Understanding Emergency Plans
  • Elements of a Fire / Fire Triangle & Fire Tetrahedron
  • Characteristics of Fuels
  • Fire Prevention / Isolating Fuels & Ignition Sources
  • Classification of Fires
  • Extinguisher Characteristics
  • Extinguisher Pictographs
  • Extinguisher Ratings
  • Extinguisher Agents
  • Extinguisher Types & Extinguisher Parts
  • Fighting a Fire / Pass Technique & Fire Approach
  • Short Quiz
  • Live Fire Exercise
  • Wrap-up

Course Duration: Approximately 4 hours

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