Emergency First Aid

NEW NAME March 31,2023 – “Basic First Aid”

Program Intent

Alberta Labour has adopted the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z1210-17 First aid training for the workplace – Curriculum and quality management for training agencies, as well as additional, Alberta- specific training standards (“Alberta Plus”), into its first aid (FA) training approval process.

Western Canada Fire & First Aid’s Emergency First Aid  course follows the new CSA standards and the “Alberta Plus” standards.  This instructor led course is approximately  8-hours  in duration.

First aid training is focused on basic life support skills and includes AED and Level C (Adult, Child & Infant) CPR  training. Successful candidates will receive a certificate recognized by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety that is valid for 3 years (Note: Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc. appears on page 7 of the List of Approved Courses). First aid courses are held at Western Canada Fire & First Aid’s training facility in Edmonton, Alberta or onsite at your location for a minimum number of students.

Who Should Attend Emergency First Aid?

Western Canada Fire & First Aid’s First aid course is designed for those individuals who live or work in areas where the availability of emergency medical services may be delayed and for those trying to meet Government regulations. For more information on government regulations pertaining to first aid certifications on the work site, please visit Province of Alberta – OHS Code Explanation Guide – Part 11 First Aid.  First aid training is a great skill set that can be applied in various situations – at work and at home. Note: Age requirement is 14 years of age with parents consent.

Emergency First Aid Course Content

  • Principles of Workplace First Aid – Role and Responsibilities of Workplace First Aider, Administration of Medication, Workplace First Aid Kit and Equipment, Principles of Effective Communication, Workplace First Aider Safety and Personal Protection, Occupational Health and Safety
  • Management of Injured / ill Workers – Scene Management, Primary Survey, Secondary Survey, Ongoing Assessments
  • Airway Management – Basic Airway Management
  • Breathing Management  – Respiratory System, Management of Respiratory Emergencies
  • Circulation Management – Circulatory System, Management of Cardiovascular Emergencies, Nervous System, Management of Shock, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
  • Injury Management – Internal and External Hemorrhage, Burn Management, Management of Musculoskeletal System Injuries
  • Medical Emergencies – Anaphylaxis, Diabetic Emergencies, Seizures, Stroke, Mental Health Emergencies, Environmental Injury and Illness
  • Transportation Management – Transportation of Injured/ ill Worker
  • Spinal and Neurological Emergencies Management – Spinal and Neurological Emergencies

Course Duration: Approximately 8 hours

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Emergency First Aid , CPR & AED courses held in Edmonton and surrounding area.
Emergency First Aid, CPR & AED