Confined Space (OSSA)

This course will soon be replaced with a new course from Energy Safety Canada™ (ESC).  In the meantime, any certificates issued for the OSSA course will be valid for 3 years.

Program Intent

This training is for those who plan on working at an oil sands specific work site. Otherwise, Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc. (WCFF) offers an Occupation Health & Safety (OH&S) compliant Confined Space Entry course.

WCFF offers the iSafety  Ltd.  OSSA certified Confined Space Entry and Monitor course.

This OSSA 8 hour course is facilitated by WCFF’s experienced instructors who adhere to established guidelines in order to maintain current status as an instructor.

The OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor course follows the guidelines, principles and recommendations established by the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code 2009 (specific attention to Part 5 & 15). The OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of confined spaces and restricted spaces, the recognition of hazards associated with entry, controls that must be in place to eliminate or reduce such hazards and the duties of a confined space monitor. This course is available at Western Canada Fire & First Aid’s training centre in Edmonton, Alberta or onsite at your location for a minimum number of students.

Who Should Attend the OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor course?

All persons involved with entering and supervising confined spaces.

OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor Course Content

  • The OSSA Regional Code of Practice requirements
  • Definition of confined and restricted spaces
  • Confined space levels
  • Legislation requirements (Safety and Protection)
  • Hazardous substances and energy (Isolation)
  • Testing and atmosphere
  • Ventilation and purging
  • Neutralization and Inerting
  • Entry permit system
  • Confined space monitor responsibilities
  • Emergency response
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Definitions
  • Confined space incidents
  • Theoretical exam

Course Duration: Approximately 8 hours

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