Emergency Response Planning

How current is your emergency response plan?  What will your staff do in the event of a medical emergency or a fire?  Do your employees or people visiting your location know how to locate and use first aid kits, AED’s, fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment? Part 7 of the occupational health and safety code explains in detail what should be in place for emergency preparedness and response. Part 18 of the further outlines the requirements for personal protective equipment. We can help your organization meet and exceed the current provincial government requirements as outlined in the Occupational health and safety code. Once your new emergency response plan has been created, we can assist you with staff training and conduct simulated potential emergencies to ensure workers are competent to carry out their duties.

  • Audit and Review of Existing Emergency Response Plans
  • Develop Emergency Response Plans
  • First Aid Drills
  • Fire Response Drills
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Simulated Scenarios

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