Fit Testing

Fit Testing:

To ensure that the user is properly fitted to use a particular tight fitting respirator. The qualitative fit testing process will assist the user in determining the proper size of a specific make or model of respirator. This process is required for both positive and negative pressure devices. This process follows the CSA Standard Z94.4-02 and is mandatory every 2 years and recommended annually.

Who Should Attend?

People who are required to were tight fitting respiratory protection and who work in conditions where they may be exposed to particulate (dust, mist, fume, fiber) and non-particulate (vapor or gas) contaminants. Some examples of such people include industrial workers, military personnel, emergency responders and health care professionals.
Prior to the testing procedure

Before the Fit Testing procedure is to be conducted the following should be in place:
•    User (employee) should be aware of the employers Respirator Protection Program and Code of Practice.

•    User (employee) has completed their employers Health Surveillance Evaluation.  A sample form can be provided upon request.
•    The employer shall provide a variety of sizes of the proper respirator including the make and model of respirator intended for the job. Bring your masks with you the day of your fit test. We do require the job specific mask for the test. Please bring a variety of mask sizes and the cartridges you will be using.
•    Employees should have completed a Medical Pre-Screening to ensure that they are able to wear and use the selected respirator and are able to complete the qualitative fit test. Any person (employee) with a medical condition will require medical clearance before they are to be qualitatively fit tested.
•    The Fit testing procedure can be physically demanding and may involve risks incidental to the function of such a procedure. By registration and signing our waiver, the attendee and/or their sponsor assumes all such risk and responsibility for participation in the procedure and has the physical ability to participate. Any existing and/or previous medical problems, or those that may arise as a result of physical activity, must be brought to the instructor’s attention before the commencement of the procedure.
•    When other PPE are required to be worn, these shall be supplied to the employee to wear during the fit test.
•    For MALES: Please be clean-shaven (can have a mustache) to ensure an effective seal.
•    User (employee) must refrain from eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking the half hour before the test. The fit test procedure depends on your ability to taste the fit test agent, and any other taste in your mouth will interfere with the results.
Qualitative Testing Procedure using a fit testing solution the following is performed:
•    Donning / Doffing Respirators
•    Sensitivity test
•    Qualitative test
•    Series of six exercises (Normal breathing, Deep breathing, Head up and down, Head side to side, Talking, Exerted Breathing).
•    The complete procedure takes approximately 20 -30 minutes per respirator.Cost: $55.00 per test + GSTFor more information on Respiratory Protective Equipment, click on the links below:
– Respiratory Protective Equipment: An Employer’s Guide
– Guideline for the Development of a Code of Practice for Respiratory Protective Equipment 

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