Ground Disturbance

Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc. (WCFF) offers Astec Safety Inc.’s classroom based (instructor led) Ground Disturbance course. This course is endorsed by the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) as meeting the requirements of ABCGA Standard 201. Ground Disturbance – Supervisory (often referred to as Level II). For more information, visit the ABCGA website by clicking here. If you require the Ground Disturbance – Hazard Awareness course (often referred to as level I, please contact us to arrange this course for your group.

Program Intent

This course is designed for planners, managers, supervisors and employees who are or will be required to develop, plan and implement any kind of ground disturbance. Topics presented will include: identifying and defining ground disturbance; describing the hazards of ground disturbance; what permits and agreements will be required; how to locate and identify underground facilities; regulations associated with ground disturbance; reclamation overview; responsibilities for owners and ground disturber; and safety requirements. Theoretical concepts presented will be supplemented with a small group exercise related to planning a pipeline job.

Who Should Attend?

Any worker who will be disturbing ground as part of their work.  This includes planners, managers, supervisors and employees who will be required to develop, plan and implement any kind of ground disturbance.

Course Content

Module 1 – Definition, Words & Terms
  • Defining ground disturbance
  • Common words & terms related to ground disturbance
Module 2 – Regulations & Responsibilities
  • Regulations that apply to ground disturbance
  • Penalties for contravention of regulations
  • Responsibilities of each party involved in a ground disturbance
Module 3 – Approvals, Permits, & Agreements
  • Approvals common to ground disturbance
  • Various types of ground disturbance permits
  • Commonly used ground disturbance agreements
  • Circumstances that may impact the ground disturbance permits and agreements required
Module 4 – Ground Disturbance Planning
  • Soil types, cutbacks, and sloping according to Alberta & Saskatchewan regulations
  • Reclamation process
  • Techniques that can be used to minimize environmental impacts
Module 5 – Stages of Ground Disturbance
  • Techniques for locating existing underground facilities
  • Procedures for marking underground facilities
  • Exposure process for underground facilities
  • Backfill responsibilities
Module 6 – Underground Facility Contact
  • Historical damage to underground facilities
  • Common causes of contacts with underground facilities
  • Potential consequences of contacting underground facilities
  • Strategies for preventing contact
  • How to prepare for a contact
  • What constitutes contact with an underground facility and the procedures to follow if contact is made
Course Start Time: 8:30 AM

Course Duration: Students should plan for a full 8 hour day.

Course Location
This course is now held at our First Aid Training Centre (FATC) located at:
Western Canada Fire & First Aid (FATC)
Suite 156 Millbourne Market Mall,
3697 Mill Woods Rd NW,
Edmonton, Alberta
T6K 3L6

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